1994 fordvmustang


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Dec 8, 2019
Glen lyon Pennsylvania
Hey guys I have a 94 5.0 i was changing radio out and connected a solid blue with a white and blue and something happened now when I hit my lock button it turns on my brake and turn signal lights the dash lights up when button is hit and the dome light went out and now I can’t get them back on I’m thinking I might of shorted something Any know this problem or how to repair
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Jul 12, 2018
You spliced the harness & bypassed the Plugs? Whether you or another did is immaterial, best thing to do is buy the plugs & do a proper plug-in install.
Do you have the Ford premium sound system? if so, you need the premium sound harness, not the stock harness. it should have (2) independent plugs, a power harness and a speaker harness.
Depending on the system, Blue/Wht is the remote trigger for the AMP....or a right front speaker (+). There’s a light blue wire that’s a left rear (-). Then there’s the possibility you shorted out the keyless entry system.
I’d not worry, it is what it is- Lots of information available in the Stangnet archives on this, another quick reference below. I’d suggest pulling your fuses & seeking out blown ones, undoing what triggered this, look for any other wiring that may be affected/shorted- first.
Disconnect your battery for a few & reconnect. Keep a door open or window down so it can’t lock you out, as a precaution. Has function been restored?
Good luck!