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  1. Hello my names Mack and I am brand new to this forum. I just bought a black 1994 mustang gt 5.0 about 2 weeks ago and I love it. Since I bought it I changed the oil, changed the transmission fluid, changed the air filter, re-painted the side skirts (had a lot of sun damage), bought new original Cobra rims, changed the spark plugs, changed the belt and tensioner, changed the ball joint (were destroyed), put new bushings on the sway bar, I think that is it.

    I was wondering performance wise what are some things I could do for it, without spending loads of cash. Thanks so much, Mack.:D
  2. Give a rough budget and what kind of performance are you looking for? Straight line power, cornering and handling? What's your passion for the car?
  3. Mostly straight line power. My budget would be anywhere form $100 to about $1500.
  4. Start with gears if it doesn't have them already! Especially if this is an automatic.
  5. exhaust, cold air intake and gears
  6. It is manual, what gears would you guys recommend? I am fairly new to this whole seen. Also what exhaust and intake?
  7. My first mod for a manual is always a good shifter. Most people prefer the MGW, but I have never personally used one.

    Rip out the donkey dick, and bump the base timing to 14. That makes a huge difference, and it's free.

  8. Is there a forum post or some sort of article that would help me with this process?
  9. x2 :nice:
  10. Also changing my gears, how much would that change my mpg?
  11. Before changing the diff gears you want to know where you are at present. Since previous owners may have changed them you want to confirm what is in yourself vs relying on the axle code on the door jam sticker. Jack up the rear end and put a mark on the drive shaft. Rotate a wheel one turn and count the number of rotations on the drive shaft. If for example, if one turn of the wheel rotates the drive shaft about 2 3/4 times the gear ratio will be 2:73 to 1. If it's a shade over 3 turns the gear will be 3:08 to 1.
  12. Awesome when i get home I will post what it is and we can go from there.
  13. Also I've been doing some other research and I'm not sure how accurate this is but a few people told me to upgrade my intake (which I was told on here as well), my manifold, headers, and throttle body.

    this is what I've found

    Throttle body
    BBK 1523 70MM Throttle Body 1994-95 Mustang GT

    BBK Shorty Headers

    86-95 Mustang 5.0 Typhoon Intake Manifold
  14. I would not recommend doing any of these things at this point. You will spend the money but not notice any meaningful difference.

    Figure out what gears you have. Then change them if they are the stock 3.08s. I would recommend 3.73s with the T5. Others might have a bit of a difference of opinion, but the consensus seems to be that gears is one of the very first things you should do. Plus, you will actually notice the difference, as opposed to the mods you listed which you will only notice because you reduced weight by sucking money out of your wallet...

    The time to do the intake is when you do the heads. That is also the time to do the cam. One tear down instead of three is better, IMHO. Plus, until the heads can flow more air, you won't really realize the gains from an intake. You will gain some, but not much with crappy e7 heads...and, on a side note, you can do MUCH better than a Typhoon intake...but, like I said, that should wait until the heads and cam, which prolly doesn't fit into the "cheap mods to make a difference" camp...
  15. Thanks a lot man, I will most likely get the 3.73's and the t5 like you and a few others have suggested. Any recommendations on were I should get the gears.
  16. Lower gears (higher numbers), will generally improve your in town MPG, but decrease highway MPG. Just a rule of thumb, there are too many variables to know what your results will be.

    My son went from 2.83s and 17 mpg in town, to 4.10s and 19 mpg in town.
    The car doesn't have to work as hard to drive redlight to redlight.
  17. As of the time you made this post you don't know or haven't checked to see what gear you actually have. There was a post recently where someone swapped out the gears without checking only to find they were the same as the ones he just installed. Wasted $$$'s.
  18. That makes sense about gaining city mpg and losing highway. Lucky for me I rarely drive highway. At Richard I still plan on looking at the gears but I am almost certain there the stock gears.
  19. In time you will discover there is no certainty in most things about cars.