1994 Mustang Airbag Mistake 42

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  1. Hi,
    I am living in the northern part of germany. I am the owner of a 1994 Mustang GT conv. with 5,0L engine. I have a problem and hope, anyone can help.
    The airbag-lamp shows "42" = left airbag circuit open. I replaced both crash-sensors and the clockspring, but I failed. "42 is still alive. Then I checked the wirin from the crash-sensor connection (c148) to the end: red = ok, violet = ok, yellow/green = problem. I checked my "Ford Service Publication" CD (for 1995 Mustang) and found out: there should be a connector "C107" in the engine compartment and "C210" inside the car on the left side. OK, C210 was found but not C107. This time I cannot follow the wiring from C148 to the end because the car stands on a ramp, but I've seen two connectors under the left bumper near the firewall. I know, that I have to check all connectors and/or to replace a piece of the wiring, but which? from C148 to the firewall, or from the firewall outside to C210 inside or from C210 to the electronic-box? Can anybody tell me where that F*** C107 (or equal) is?
  2. C107 appears to be below the battery or in the inner fender in that area. However, try this. Disable the system by turning the ignition to off detach the negative cable from the battery and then the positive cable. Wait for at least 2 minutes. That will allow the module backup power supply to be depleted. To enable the system keep the ignition in the off position connect the positive cable then the negative cable. See if that removes the 42 code. I noticed that C210 is terminal 42. Not certain if that means anything though. This is all uncharted territory for me.
  3. Hi, I got it! It is a broken wire (yellow/green) at C107, located under the fender near the firewall. But, how can I pry out that little connector, because the wire is broken nearly 3mm before the plug?
  4. I'm not sure about that specific connector, but many Ford connectors have a red piece of plastic in the middle of the connector. the plastic is either just pushed in there or has visible clips on the outside. With a bit of work, you can get the center piece out and get to the pins themselves.

    If you can take some good closeup photos of the connector, I can probably give you better advice.
  5. Hi,
    the connector must be taken out from the back. So I constructed a pin-out-tool, using the ink-reservoir of a ball-pen, but I can continue working only tomorrow due to rain and thunderstorm this afternoon.
    Photos: how can I add them here?
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