1994 Mustang GT in NY H/C/I

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  1. Well I never thought I would do this, but it may be time to sell my mustang. I have owned it since November 03. It is a green on tan cloth 5 speed car. It is clean, not rusty, but does have blemishes from being 16 years old. It currently has 134,xxx miles on the bottom end and body. The current top end has barely 5,000 miles on it. It has stock suspension. It does have some issues, and I will get into them.

    The good
    -Ed Curtis ported and built Twisted Wedge heads
    -Ed Curtis custom cam for this set up (have cam sheet but not handy. i think 547int 536ex 112lsa)
    -Edelbrock Performer RPM intake
    -FRPP 1.6 rockers
    -Pro m maf
    -FRPP 30lb injectors
    -Fox Body valve covers
    -BBK 75mm TB
    -Urethane motor and tranny mounts
    -Maximum motorsports clutch cable, quadrant, and strut brace
    -Mac shorty headers, catless H, and flowmaster 40 series catback
    -Smog, egr, a/c deleted
    -Steeda tri ax
    -Spec stage 2+ clutch
    - FRPP aluminum driveshaft
    -Lakewood DS safety loop
    -Billet steel flywheel
    -FRPP 3.73s
    -new balancer
    -Every sensor is new
    -2001 GT PBR calipers (not installed)
    -SSBC pads and rotors
    -Pioneer speakers with boss head unit
    -Good condition Kuhmos
    -A few spare wheels
    -New Interstate battery so I can drive it around from time to time
    -Went 13.6 @107 with an awful (2.5) 60 foot untuned. Rebuilt, this set up would dyno over 320 wheel with a nice tune.

    The not so good (or imperfections)-
    -The stock t5 grenaded 3rd gear in typical fashion. It happened november 07 and has been in storage since then. It runs and drives, but the trans makes a racket, and obviously has no 3rd gear
    -The motor blows oil under WOT. Rings are shot. My old set up saw many bottles of nitrous
    -The trim along the windshield on both sides is cracked from the morons that did my windshield
    -Needs head light swtch
    -Small buble on drivers fender, been there 5 years and I have no idea why.
    -Passenger fender small dent from a falling branch while driving
    -Ding in roof, been there since I got the car
    -The hood is black. I hit a deer a while back and it was $50 from a freind

    I may be forgetting things, its been a long time since ive been into this car.

    This car is my baby. I do not have to sell it, but I would like for it to go to someone who can give it more attention than I can right now. I would love to keep it, but the build I would like to do would cost upwards of $15k (dart block, big turbo, t56). At this point in my life, I just cant put that much into a toy and never drive it. I could do a simle rebuild, but I want to go big. Id like to get as close to $3750 as I can. I can be reached here, at [email protected], or 845-519-7756. My name is Kyle. Thanks

    Here are a few pics. They are old, but nothing has changed since the car has been in storage.



  2. bump for a few things I added to the list

    I will also accept reasonable offers
  3. Is this car a GTS or does it have power windows, cc, locks etc?
  4. It is a GT. Has power seat, mirrors, windows, and locks but with cloth seats.

    the screen name i use means GT plural. I have gotten many questions on that over the years.
  5. Is this GT still available?
  6. Yea I still have it. Kinda hard to sell at the moment because the carport and pad its stored on are surrounded by a foot of snow. but yes still available
  7. This is still available. I want to keep it so bad and just fix what it needs, but I really have too many cars at the moment and not enough money or places to store them. I will entertain offers
  8. still available. I really need to consider getting rid of it because I just dont have the room for it
  9. really neds to go
  10. bump again
  11. The $3750 is just a number i threw up there. Im willing to work significantly on that
  12. still for sale?
  13. yup. I really need it gone :(
  14. Send me ur phone number..I may try to sell my 98 and pick up ur GT. I was looking to put a 5.0L in it anyway
  15. Nvm the phone number..didn't realize u had it posted..where in NY r u located?
  16. Carmel, Putnam county. About an hour above the city. I also have a truck and a car trailer available. Where are you?
  17. fairfield county in CT about an hour from the boarder..
  18. oh ok im about 10 min from the border so you arent far at all. Let me know if you ever want to come look at it. Kyle
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