Expired 1994 Mustang Saleen Clone

Discussion in 'SN95 Mustangs For Sale (1994-04)' started by don8896, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. taking offers on this 94 mustang.. it is a v6.. mac headers,catted xpipe, mac catback. full saleen kit. real saleen wheels.. drilled slotted rotor, new calipers all around, extractor hood,s351 wing. racing seats paint is 3yrs old.. only driven 3 times.. full black interior almost all new.. its really a must see car
    have pic book from start to finish.. was going for sr clone but no longer have time for..
    please dont insult just best offers thanks
    would like to get 4500 for
    . 111226_131.jpg

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  2. Please post your asking price and City/State for item location.


  3. dont got one.. was tryin to see what i could get.. jees what happen to this site..
  4. It got big... we've been down this road before. What you may think is a low-ball offer might be what it's worth to someone else.

    So post what "you" think it worth and at least you'll have a starting point to negotiate with.

    Guidelines for making classified ads can be found here: http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/pages/classified-tips/
  5. yea seems like it.. haven't been here for awhile alot has changed..
  6. please dont make me part it out
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