1994 Stroked 331 Gt Cobra Clone 420 Hp. Up For Auction.

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Is 6,000 too much for a resrve. I need to sell at 7200 to make my cut.

  1. yes that's a good reserve

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  2. no you wont hit that logically.

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  1. 1994 YELLOW Mustang GT Cobra Clone.

    here is direct link: http://www.auctionohio.net/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?aohio34/1

    Built for speed and power. Mustang II chasis dyno'd out at 420 horse. It will start and run however ,the valve lash needs readjusted since there was some minor corrections on one cylinder head. The final adjustments were never made. Black leather seats with a JVC CD player and new battery.

    Machine work was performed at Fowler Engines in Columbus, Ohio. Hot tank the engine, align bore the cylinders, square and plane the deck, replaced two sleeves, Mag flux the block to check for cracks, balanced the rotating assembly, refinished the crank shaft, replaced the cam bearings.

    Engine Assembly : Installed new pistons, new connecting rods, refinished crank, new cam shaft, new oil pump

    Trick Flow push rods, track burner intake manifold, twisted wedge 180 CC heads & double valve springs. Ford SVT roller rockers

    Exhaust System: MAC headers, New Catalytic converters, New O2 sensors

    Drive train: Ford racing transmission (older but still in great shape) New centerforce clutch & new clutch fork

    Body: 1995 Mustang Cobra R body kit, front bumper cover, rear bumper cover, side skirts, and Hood. Some repair work was done to the front bumper cover using aircraft grade composite resins, needs painted. Cobra R rims and tires, New fog lights.

    Electronics: Overhauled injectors, flow rate card included. Computer has been programmed by the dyno shop.

    Seller lives in Fairbanks, Alaska and works as a mechanic on a King Air B 200 and a Lear Jet 35 Aircraft. Before that, he was a helicopterpilot for ten years.

    Drivers side windows having some issues going up and down.

    This item has a reserve of 6,ooo.oo Terms of Payment: Local - Cash or Cashier's Check. Out Of State - Cash Only.
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