1995 5.0 Temperature Question

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  1. Hello. Can somebody give me information about the operating temperature on a 1995 5.0? I replaced the engine; the new engine has approx 20K on it. But, before the engine, I was still experiencing temperature changes on the temp gauge (factory at first, then aftermarket) that did not happen in the car's younger days. In its young days, the gauge never moved. I understand that running the AC in traffic will cause the temp to go up. But, if I turn on the AC on the highway (70 MPH), the temperature will go up about 15--20 degrees. When I turn it off, it goes back down. There is a 195 thermostat on there right now, and it usually sits around 200. If I see it go up to 220, I shut off the AC. What's strange is that it moves at all; it never used to move. Is there something wrong?

  2. Does the 95 have a flat plastic piece under the core support that directs air up to the radiator ?

    If that air dam is missing it can cause a similar issue...especially on the highway. Another cause could be the wind gaurds on each side of the radiator. Mustang front bumpers don't do a really good job getting air across the radiator without them.
  4. Yes. I replaced the air dam when the old one fell off. Why does the temp move now? I've watched other people's cars, and the temp never moves. And mine used to be that way.
  5. 220 moving around in traffic or doing 70+ mph with the ac on would not be unusual, I would be concerned if it got higher than that or got that high w/o ac on. Check flow through the radiator and make sure your lower hose does not collapse at higher rpms. Would not be unusual for gauge to act a little different when sending units swapped or replaced.
  6. Check the sending unit and the gage, and the grounds of the sending unit, and that of the gage. I had a factory gage fail and cause a similar oil pressure issue.

    Make sure you have a good clutch fan if equipped.

    If you can, check the top hose and tstat housing with an infrared thermometer to see if the temps match the gage readings.
  7. Any updates on how it's doing?