1995 5.0 with ADOE shift and TCM wire Identification


Feb 22, 2020
I removed the complete 5.0 fuel injected engine, ADOE and rear end from a 1995 GT with less than 15K on the odometer and installed it into my 1952 F1. I also removed the complete wiring harness inside and out forward of the drivers seat. With a little too much enthusiasm I stripped out the wiring for the instruments, ABS, inertia impact and lighting. Yes, I left pig tails to reconnect the few I shouldn't have cut. The engine starts and runs with all correct voltages to the ECM, CCRM and PCM.
My Questions are: I am unable to find wiring diagrams or pin out diagrams for the following.
The Transmission shift module has 6 wires. Pins 1 and 4 seem to be the park circuit for starting. #4 seems to be 12v in and #1 supplies power to the starter solenoid. What are the rest for?
The Transmission Control Module (TCM or TCRM) has 6 wires. Two I cut and can not ID, Tan/Wht and Red/Grn.
Purple/Org goes from inside fuse box #1 and into the trans harness.
Gray/Yel goes into a connection, becomes Org/Blk and goes to the inside fuel box #5. Also to the injector harness and possibly to the Canister Purge Solenoid.
Orange from TCM becomes Tan/Wht at the connection and goes to PCM pin #41.
Blk/Wht from TCM becomes black at the connection and goes to a common ground group.
Also there is a yellow plastic box with two 6-wire connectors. No labels other than Ford embossed in the cover. Wires lead to the vacuum module that was outside the left inner fender. What is it?
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