1995 Axle Trouble

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  1. My recently purchased 1995 is having rear end issues. I knew it had them when i bought it, so i'm not upset, just looking at options from here forward. The car had two different rear tires on it, one a 45 series and one a 30 series. What all would be chewed up in there? Should i put in a new diff, gears, seals and the whole deal? There is a rear end out of a 99 gt for sale in my area, but from what i can find it is wider than what i have and won't bolt in? Thanks for all the help in advance.
  2. I'm pretty sure it will bolt in actually. The 95' GT rear axle is a little too narrow anyway. There is a 30mm difference in track between the front and back of the 95' GT.

  3. The 99-04 solid axle will bolt in and use your current suspension parts. You may need to use your existing brake hardware and hard lines, I don't know if those are fully interchangeable. And as Kurt said, the rear axle is a bit wider so it will fill up the wheel well a bit better.
  4. Do you happen to know how much wider the new edge axle is? I'm thinking of running 15mm spacers on the back of my car to make up the weird stagger look.

  5. If memory serves me, it's an extra 3/8" on each side.
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  6. Thanks for the good info. I picked up the axle and will be putting it in shortly. The axle i currently have has the SVO diff cover on it, so that was a nice surprise.
  7. So the bushing the the LCA on the car is too small to use the LCA bolt from the extra axle that i have, but the bolt that was on my car is too small for the whole where the LCA mounts on the axle.... I dont really want to drill out the bushings in my LCA's.....
  8. The New Edge cars used a 14mm LCA bolt, I believe. SN95's were 12mm. You'll probably need bushings and bolts from the later cars, but I can't say if the the bushings will press right in or if they changed something else on the LCA itself. If you have aftermarket arms, it might be as simple as calling the manufacturer for the 14mm bushings. Good luck.
  9. Put in the axle, swapped over bushings, all good to go! Thanks for the info.