1995 Cobra Bumper Trim Destroyed

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  1. I am in need of some leads after hours of searching every site possible, including this one. My 1995 Cobra Mustang has a piece of bumper trim attached (was attached) to my stock bumper cover. It's more like a bumper chin spoiler but also covers part of the bumper cover. I cannot find this piece alone, but everything I find is the whole bumper cover with the chin spoiler molded with it. In the picture (not my car but just like it) it's the lowest piece of the bumper. It sits on the front bumper lip and has a bolt/washer set up on the left and right side to secure the piece. That piece I have is currently in 4 different pieces and it was just painted to boot! DOH! I was going to just go without the piece but over the years it has rubbed the bumper cover down to the yellow plastic. Thank you in advance! 0208mmfp_02z%2Bford_mustang%2Bfront_view.jpg