1995 cobra r mustang

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  1. hey i found a 1995 cobra R for sale, and the guy wants 7,000 dollars for it, my question is is that too cheap for a low mile cobra r? also how much do these cars normally go for? also is there any way of telling if this car IS a real 1995 cobra r, thanks.
  2. They are real and rare. How many miles does it have on it?
  3. Oh yeah, check the VIN to see if it's a legit Cobra R.
  4. it has 21,000km,s on the car, also its #150 out of 250 cars made.
  5. Better verify that VIN like others have said, something sounds fishy if it's only selling for $7K (ie - damaged, etc).
  6. o.k thanks, what numbers in the vin will tell me that it is a real cobra r? also how much do these cars usually sell for, thanks.
  7. Does it have a "D" or "C"(can't remember) in the Vin? If it does, it's legit. As for worth I don't know exactly, but it should be worth a bit more than what the guy is asking for. The deal sounds fishy to me though, why would he sell it that cheap with so little mileage on it
  8. I'd say thats one heck of a deal. I would run a carfax report on it and see if it was involved in any major work.
  9. Wow, $7K is a steal. It smells like fish to me. Be careful.
  10. Another thing to look for would be the 351 instead of the 302. Also roll up windows and no stereo or A/C.
  11. And an OEM rear seat delete.
  12. And a tan cloth interior.

    If it's real and you don't buy it, you'll kick yourself. That car should be worth AT LEAST $20,000.
  13. the 8th letter-number is a "C"
  14. It's legit. C=1995 Cobra R make sure it has all the original parts.
  15. Even if the motor is blown the chasis is worth $7000. The car is a collector and with only 10,000 miles its still a baby. Here is one that is stock and kills in SCCA Factory stock where it runs against BMW 3 series, STI's and 350Z.
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