1995 Ford Mustang Gt


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Aug 27, 2018
Hey guys, I just recently purchased a 95 Gt. The car has aluminum heads and an Edelbrock intake and elbow, full exhaust with no cats, 24 lb injectors and a tune. I was told it was bored 30 over with a Comp stage 2 cam. The car is BAMA tuned. The car sounds good but smokes on acceleration and deaccleration. Does not appear to use too much oil. The oil pressure is fine as well as the temperature. I did a compression check today and all cylinders had roughly 95 pounds each. Can this BAMA tune keep the valves open if not tuned properly? Or is it the rings to be suspected?
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Aug 11, 2013
Cleveland OH Area
Very well could be rings, but it never hurts to verify by squirting some oil in the plug-hole and re-checking. I'd also verify with a 2nd gauge, and potentially consider a leakdown test to eliminate valves causing lower compression. That ought to give you all the data you need.

If it's black / white / fuel-smelling smoke (not blue-ish) your tune, fueling, timing, or something else could be wrong. Valves are not controlled by the tune at all on our cars.