SN95 1995 Gt Cooling Help

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  1. ok guys need help my 95 gt converted to carb has mishimoto radiator( 2 months old) new water pump new belt and has a autometer electric temp gauge the ? is when i am running it hard like getting on the express way or just gasing it pretty good the temp steadly rises, but when i let off and slow down the temp slowly drops back down to 190 or so i am stumped. when setting in traffic or just normal crusing around it runs 190-195 and never gets any higher.
  2. Did you check your timing? It is normal for the temp to go up a little when you hit it. It also could be a lot of carbon buildup. Is there any smoke coming out of the tailpipe when you hit it?
  3. run some sea foam through your motor to clean all the carbon buildup
  4. I don't think timing is off as the car runs fine no miss or anything and I will try sea foam