1995 Gt Idle Issues And Intermittent Miss

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  1. Ok guys, I am at the end of my rope and need some advise from someone more experienced with these cars. First, my current motor related mods are as follows:

    BBK Shorty Headers with high flow cats and true duals
    K&N filter
    High CFM Fan with independent Relay

    Now on to my issues. In the morning when I first start the car, it will not idle. It will die unless I rev it until it starts to warm up, and then idle's like its got a massive cam. Once driving, the idle will hang as high as 2k until i come to a complete stop. It will also backfire and miss under load.

    When the car is warm the in the afternoon the idle is better but still rough, backfire is less often but still there.

    I replaced the Idle air control valve last night thinking this was the issue, but no dice. My Mass air sensor is less than a year old, and I did find and fix a vacuum leak several weeks ago.

    I should also note that I have had an issue with my headers burning plug wires and causing a miss under load but have inspected all of my wires and they appear to be fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I love this car and would love to be able to drive it to its potential.
  2. Go out at night and pop the hood and start it up and look for arcs.
  3. Well, if you over oiled the K&N the MAF might was well not be plugged in. I would clean the MAF to see of that eliminates the miss. Often a visual inspection of wires just doesn't cut it. Internal core damage can't be seen but will show up when the resistance is measured. Back firing is most commonly associated with timing. What is it set at (spout pulled of course)?
  4. It sounds like he's replaced the wires due to them being melted by the headers. I was thinking maybe he might have melted some more.
  5. Wires are new, no arcing that I see. I have not oiled the filter since I replaced the MAF.
  6. Have you checked for any codes? Checked fuel pressure and changed the fuel filter? What plugs are you using and was the gap set to .054?
  7. Well Ive been busy with the car this morning.

    I had codes for the tps (which I unplugged earlier this week and I am sure caused this code) a code for the MAF and a code for the right o2 being lean.

    TPS tested fine, voltage seems to be in line with no odd readings at any position. Also tested the new ect, and also tested fine.

    I cleaned and tested my MAF, and it seems to be operating as it should, except when the the idle is slow to return, the voltage from the MAF follows the same slow return pattern. Could the MAF be causing my idle issues?? If so, why would I have gone threw two MAF sensors in 12 months?
  8. If the stock ECU functions similar to the AEM-EMS then there are a number of parameter the allow the engine to idle down over a period of a few seconds. I don't think this is related to your underlying issues of cold idle, misfires and backfiring. By "true" duals I assume you mean no X or H mid pipe. Do you have cats and are they working or could they be partially plugged? Lots of little details missing that might account for the problem(s).

  9. What mass air flow meter are you running and what size injectors?