1995 Gt Vert. Possible Alternator Problem... I Want Opinions?

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  1. hey everyone i just joined the forum. i have a 95gt vert. ive had it since 09. i know the car is old, and trust me and this car seen a lot of miles together. so in the 2 months i have had 2 new batteries. the car will start up just fine and run every where i need it to go with no problem. if i stop driving and let it sit for any amount of time honestly from 5 mins to 5 hours. its just wont even crank and the alternator clicks or just wont do anything at all. then sometimes if i just let it sit it will turn back on and start like nothing even happened. from what i have looked up and have seen on other forums it might just be my alternator because i know i have not changed it since ive owned the car and am pretty sure its original. so any help/advice??? please

    this sucks ball because im starting a new job tomorrow and need my car. im getting up early to rip alternator out to get it tested.
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  3. Check the obvious first:

    Ground straps - cleaned thoroughly and resintalled
    Ignition Lock - Ensure no excessive play and positive engagement in each position with no intermittent contact
    Ignition Switch - Ensure that ACCY and ON positions are providing power as it should
    Starter Solenoid - Just replace the damned thing

    If an obvious problem doesn't show itself then run the check list step by step, without skipping anything. You will find the culprit:

  4. Noobz347's suggestions are good. On the SN95 you'll find the solenoid attached to the starter so replacing both together is probably easier (though getting those corrosion-welded starter bolts off is a PAIN). A corroded thin wire from the ignition to the push-on terminal at the solenoid is very common. That could explain intermittent starting -- if it's your battery or alternator it's not going to 'recover.' If you wiggle it around you might find that wire terminal just snaps off the starter solenoid.

    Getting your alternator tested is a good way to rule it out. Unless your gauge light is bad mine usually comes on to indicate there's something wrong with the alternator. In my experience a Ford alternator usually lasts about 150K miles.

    If / when it does act up on you, turn on your headlights and see if they're bright as normal. If not you may have a problem with the grounds, the main power leads / terminals at the batteries, or charging (the alternator). If they're nice and bright I'd suspect something in the starting circuit (ignition switch, solenoid, starter, wires).