1995 GT500 Style hood options


Apr 14, 2017
Hi all! I have a question for anyone who may be able to point me in the right direction. I've had a 1995 GT for years that's just been a weekend driver waiting for money and I finally have some and am planning a whole host of upgrades.

One of those is to change the hood to something a little taller that can provide higher clearance in the engine bay.

My dream car has always been the '68 GT500KR and one of the primary eye candy points for me on that car is how the hood scoops were much larger than the '67 and came all the way down to the front of the car.

While some may disagree, I think this could look really cool on my '95 and I'd like to try it. So, does anyone know of any hoods (such as the ram air hoods put on the 2005-2009 models) that would fit my 1995 model year and provide increased internal clearance?

I currently live in the middle of Iowa so if it ends up needing to be custom work that might become an issue.

Appreciate any advice you can give!
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