Engine 1995 gts 331 stroker head swap questions


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Jan 6, 2019
United States, MS
Hello all,

This is my first post and thread. I have a 1995 GTS with a 331 stroker that I had built a few years ago. I now want to do a head swap, but I'm wondering if I can get get the car safely running without upgrading the fuel injectors and getting another dyno tune immediately afterwards. I would plan on getting it dyno tuned, but I just want to be able to drive it to the dyno shop without worrying that it's going to burn up or explode before I get there.

The engine currently dyno's at 326/rwhp and 357/rwtq @ 5500 rpm. The car itself runs perfectly, and gives me no trouble at all. Unfortunately I just want more power, and I think a 331 stroker deserves to make more power. I believe the main reason my car doesn't make much power is the fact that I am using Edelbrock Performer heads. So I am wanting to bolt on a set of AFR 220 renegade heads just to see what it can do. I may choose a different set of heads, but I just want something that doesn't require a ton of modifications to swap. If I can break past 400 rwhp and also keep running the same tune/30 lb injectors I will be more than happy. It's no big deal if new injectors and a new tune is required. I'm just curious how much horsepower I can make with what I've currently got.

Current engine set up is:

Edelbrock RPM 2 intake
Edelbrock Performer heads
xe274hr comp cam
30 lb injectors
70mm throttle body
stroked stock block

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