1995 Gts Power Window From Crank Change Out

Aug 20, 2015
WOW !!!!.
This is a problem as far as the under dash plug harness. My 1995 GTS plugs are a 8 post small plug and a larger Gray multi post plug. I have looked to find a harness for the door at 2 salvage yards in my area and not so lucky. I purchased a driver door harness on EBAY and waiting to get it. The passenger door well, not so lucky yet. ANY HELP ON THAT. I was told my harness in the 95 looks like a 94 but it has a build date late 95 almost in 1996 production time . Yes it is a 5.0 1995 GTS with all the hints of a GTS no ** fog lights, spoiler, cruise, and low back cloth seats, no power windows with a 5 speed.

NEED HELP FINDING THIS PASSENGER DOOR POWER WINDOW HARNESS TO SET IT UP. Crank window on this car---- ah not so nice. How can I identify the correct salvage car to pull it from
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