1995 mustang anderson tuner


Nov 19, 2015
So I have a 95 mustang with heads/cam/intake setup. I got a anderson pms system from a guy who had it on a turbo 351w. I have a wideband in the car btw

I know the tune on it now is gonna be way out of wack but I went to a data set that seemed like it wasn't messed with.

I have a few questions
1. When I setup my TPS voltage in the tuner from what I read with a multimeter on the sensor. Throttle completely closed Is 1.38v. Wot is 4.68v. I know it's higher than stock but I assumed the pms would have no issue if inputted. Adjusting the tps involves removing the iac. But when I look on the live data readout TPS shows idle and when I touch the gas even a little it shows WOT. I know this shouldn't happen so idk.
2. I know it needs to be professionally tuned but I wanna get it to start. The ignition timing isn't set at 10°. The marks on crank are worn off so I set it with my ear and it ran good when I just had an sct chip. How would i go about know the degrees. I really don't wanna buy a new balancer. I was thinking of measuring the circumference and Dividing by 36 and that will tell my 10°.
3. I saw you can plug a laptop to tune the anderson from a laptop. That'll be alot easier for me. But idk what software it uses and I assume it uses the plug that goes to the display. Just wanna know what it uses for software.

If this thread doesn't belong in here I apologize this just seemed like the right on place as it's not a handheld. Thanks in advance.
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