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  1. I have a 1995 mustang gt for sale. It has a D.S.S Racing engines 331 stroker motor, it has edelbrock performer heads,1.6 roller rockers,a comp extreme energy 282 cam. It has a 7 quart oil pan, windage tray and main girdle. It has a full MSD ignition,fluidyne radiator,it is no longer fuel injected it has been carbed it has a prof prod typhoon intake with a mighty demon 650 carb it was dynoed and put 380 horsepower down at the rear tires. Has a spec stage 3 clutch ,aluminum driveshaft new upper and lower control arms. It is red and it will soon need tires. I am asking 6500 dollars for it and that is pretty firm I have almost 12,000 in the motor alone so please no low balling and maybe be open to trades. My email address is [email protected] that is the easiest way to get me dont always have time to get on here. Thanks,
  2. You'll get a lot more responses with pictures and a location. :shrug:
  3. I am in milledgeville georgia and i will try to get pics up tomorrow or can email them and thanks gearbanger for the info
  4. how do i put pics of my car on here any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. will get better pics up soon can email better pics upon request thanks for your time
  6. might be interested in selling just motor or car with out motor if anyone is interested just email me
  7. How much would you be willing to sell the car with out the motor and trans
  8. i may take 2000 for it would you want the aftermarket gauges let me know by email please its [email protected]
  9. If Thomas wants the car I may be interested in the motor for my 98 project what would you take for the motor
  10. i would like to get 4500 for it at the least
  11. well i guess if no one is interested i will turn it into a track only car
  12. still for sale
  13. will sell car with out motor for 2500 with the tranny 2000 with out tranny, and 4000 for the motor
  14. price dropped 5500
  15. bump for hump day
  16. car is gone/sold
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.