1995 Mustang GT - Near Show-Car Condition

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Aug 23, 2002
Atlanta, GA
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After nearly 10 years with her, I'm selling my Mustang. Car is in Atlanta.

This is an exceptionally clean, near show-car condition, adult driven (non-smoker), low mileage 1995 Mustang GT 5.0. White exterior with tan leather interior. No accidents or body work. All factory options including automatic transmission, A/C, PW, PS, power anti-lock Brakes, and Mach 460 stereo.

This is a rare unmolested stock Mustang GT. It has absolutely no engine modifications. It’s a stock 5.0 liter HO that runs strong through the entire RPM range and doesn’t use a drop of oil. Exceptionally well maintained by a life-long auto enthusiast with an ME degree (me!). The car was driven an average of only 8.5k miles per year. 136k total miles on car now. You won’t find a cleaner, better condition, original SN-95 Mustang in Georgia.

Just had the car professionally detailed to get it ready to sell. The paint was clay-barred, waxed and sealed. The white paint is like glass now and will literally blind you in the sun. Interior was completely detailed. Engine bay was detailed. You could enter this car in a car show right now as-is.

Upgrades and Maintenance Items include:

+2001 Bullitt wheels ($700.00)
+New Toyo Proxes 4 tires with only 6k on them ($800.00)
+Upgraded 2001 GT dual-piston PBR front brakes ($750.00)
+Auxiliary transmission fluid cooler ($200.00)
+Pioneer SFI-approved stainless steel harmonic balancer ($170.00)
+Front brake major overhaul only 6k miles ago ($280.00)
+Rear brake major overhaul with about 70% of pads remaining ($180.00)
+New Monroe front struts ($250.00)
+New battery ($90.00)
+New radiator and water pump ($200.00)
+New MAF ($200.00)
+New oxygen sensors ($110.00)
+New air filer ($12.00)
+Engine oil and filter changed 1k ago ($40.00)
+U-joints replaced ($175.00)
+Rear axle rebuilt ($1,060.00)
+New distributor cap and rotor just installed ($50.00)
*Transmission professionally rebuilt ($2,300.00)

*The AOD-E transmission was professionally rebuilt at Gwinnet Place Ford at 87,500 miles. It didn’t need a complete rebuild, but the OEM torque converter OD lock-up friction plates were starting to go. (As you are aware, Ford knew that the original torque converters were defective in the ’94 to ’98 GTs but never recalled them since most of them made it past the warranty period.) Since the transmission was already out of the car, I took the opportunity to have the entire transmission rebuilt using all upgraded high-performance FRP parts including bands/clutches, etc. All Ford TSBs for the transmission were performed at the same time. Tranny is solid and should last a long time now.

I have a log book record of all of the car’s service and maintenance for the past ten years, plus a file folder of receipts for nearly all if it. (These upgrade and maintenance items alone cost over $7k. I’m selling the car for $2k less than that!)

NADA “clean retail” book value is $4,775.00. Since this car is in excellent condition and needs nothing, I’m selling the car for $5,195.00. (It’s a steal at that price!)

This car needs absolutely nothing! If you see it and drive it, you'll buy it. Contact Bob via email at [email protected]

PS) At the moment I don't have any pics hosted on a web site. I put up two attachments that meet the file size limit for now. Will try to get some better ones hosted somewhere and add them soon.


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