1995 Mustang GT Rear convertible speakers

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  1. Aight guys. Need help quick. What is the fitment for these. I have a 95 GT vert and am going to replace the rear speakers. Are they just 94-95 are they 94-98, or 94-04. They are the speakers and boxes that go under the interior quarter trim piece. They look like they are different for post 98, but let me know if they will fit. I thinking about a set from an 04 but not sure if they will fit size wise and plug in's. Let me know.:shrug: :bang:
  2. I just put in 6x8 3-way pioneer speakers today... they the ones for Fords and say it on the outer ring of the speaker. They are pretty nice speakers and sound a hell of a lot better than stock ones.
  3. the rear speakers on my vert were not 6X8, I made the mistake of ordering 6X8 but cannot recall the size of the speakers that ended up fitting
  4. mine are 6x8 ... all 4 the same size ... Kenwood KFC-C6879ie (2 way)

    i broke my cover trying to get it off. i did not know that you have to remove the whole big panel to change the speaker. it is a pain to get to. you have to take the back seat out and all that.





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  5. yup, all 4 are 5x7/6x8 (same size, 2 different names).
  6. Do you guys have the Mach 460? The Mach speakers are round. Obviously the 6X8's fit cause your pic, but I have only had Mach systems in my verts.

    The back seat is simple to remove, simply push the pins inward on the butt seat, and there are two 10mm bolts holding the back part of the back seat in. Then lift up and remove. The quarter trims are push pins.
  7. mine was not a mach 460
  8. Mach 460 convertible rear woofers

    The rear woofers are 5.25's (Circle) and of course you have the tweeters. Don't know how you guys got those 6X7's in there...So what your saying is that you have to take the boxes apart to get to the woofer speakers. Kinda dumb the way ford made these and the bottom speaker cover doesnt unclip like the tweeter cover does. Thinking about buying the enclosures from an 04 vert. But don't know if they will fit.