1995 Mustang Special Edition?

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  1. Over here in NW indiana, we have more civics running around than you can dream about, and then you'll have a sixer ridin along with! Now, on Turbostangs, there's a sixer with like 750+, but I'm pretty sure that these guys don't have that.

    I just can't believe how dumb some people can be. Ok, i can understand haveing a couple stickers, like edel., accel, etc., which i have in my one window, but not the GTR deal, or SUPER STREET, or Type R, or putting a fart can on a sixer. Eh, oh well, i guess i'll just have more motivation to get my car finished!!! Oh, wait, it's 9 degrees outside, nevermind.

  2. i have a GTS and doesnt think my GTS is special at all lol
  3. Ok rims were options in 94-98 you could get gt wheels it was like a few hundred dollars. Mach 460's were optional and I'm pretty sure (not 100%) dealer installed unless special ordered. Moonroof was not available through Ford. A dealership could have dont it or someone could have had it installed. There was so signified V-6 special model.
  4. I hate people that do this. I knew a kid with a 2001 Mustang Roush GT-R.

    He bought "GT-R" stickers from Pep Boys or somewhere similar and bought a HUGE "Roush" windshield banner...

    He told everyone it had a 450hp 351W in it. When I finally looked at it actually had a stock 4.6...well, stock except for the "ram air" kit he fabbed out of dryer ducting and duct tape that was ramming unmetered air into his intake track after both the air filter and the MAF. :lol:
  5. Some people just need to die.....
  6. Hey now, don't knock dual exhaust on a V-6. Before my stang, I had a 95 Ranger 4.0 v6 with t/b upgrade, MAF, ported heads/intake, paxton sn93 blower (with the upgraded impeller and swapped pulley), and dual exhaust. pissed many a LT1 off with that truck.

  7. Eh, quit your whining. As soon as exams are done i plan on putting on the long johns and getting out there th wrench on the stang. Hopefully if i can get the garage cleaned up, i can put the stang in there with a space heater or something:flag:

  8. Whatever man. ALL I'm saying is that her car matched the EXACT description of the car the guy described, which also matches the exact same car I've seen driving around. Too much of a coincedence. I think it was a rare, limited production type thing that only a few dealers picked up on or something. Both of the cars I saw I remember having moonroofs also which wern't real common SN-95's.
  9. they do that every buddy, specially here in cali u see tons of v6s like that
  10. Holy thread resurrection Batman!!!
  11. lol!
    yeah tell me about it
    and what's even funnier is the question never got answered.

    anyway, to peoples' amusement...
    yes there was a special edition 1995 v6 mustang that was released.
    which came equiped with special stickers...
    that was it.

    ford still does it today actually.
    and they will include select specialty items.

    the reason why they are special edition is because ford would include extra options for no additional charge.

    but there is no worth value to these 'select lucky mustangs' to what people are thinking about.
  12. Does that mean I could have gotten a V6 with an ashtray instead of my v8?


  13. dude
    you totally missed the boat.

  14. a special edition boat?
  15. comes with titty bobbers
  16. gts i would not consider special editions lol maybe gt's that were made on a friday lol....tell me gts's did not cost more then gt's new!!!please lol...i love sticker special editions by the way...it seems like anymore thats all cars are the old powermakers come back as a sticker option lol...
  17. The GTS's and 248A's are not that common. I did find a '96 248A car at the local Chevy dealer last week. But they had it priced like it was a '99+ GT; no bargains at a dealer(and they don't know what a 248A is).
    The thing that is special about these cars is that they were built to be bargain sportscars. That puts the GTS in the ranks of other affordable sportscars like the Roadrunner, Superbee, non-GT K-codes. Obviously they won't be as desireable as those classics, but that doesn't make them less special for their generation.
    The thing that ruins GTS's and 248A's for me is when they have options, because that kills the nature/reason of the package.

    There were less of the cars made, and so they will be worth more in the future. Sure they were cheaper when new, but that means nothing now. If I wasn't in 3rd grade when the Foxbody died, I probably could've picked up a retired SSP at auction for nothing. Now they're some of the most expensive foxes.
  18. ...collectors cars are a totally different boat...i agree in the future they might be worth more...but you would have to get one with low miles not a single mod...and completely in factory condition...and thats a hard fet for 12 years let alone in 30..? i enjoy these cars to much to ever consider them as a collector..i want to drive them. as far as being one of the cars that rolls down barrett jackson its 20 years dought it...in order for those cars to get to 600,000 thousand those guys have to put in atleast half that to restore the cars to such high standards.
  19. Umm...I didn't say they were going to be "collector" cars. I said they are special as far as Mustang history goes, and that they will be worth more in the future($600k is doubtful for most late models). I was just referring to Roadrunners as a reference to another car made cheap from the factory; I couldn't refer to another late model because you just don't see manufacturers trying to make cars cheaper anymore(can you think of another car besides the GTS?). Ford didn't even advertise the GTS or 248A.

    As for the cars being worth more...
    Notchback foxes are currently getting the highest prices, and that was cheapest bodystyle.
    As I pointed out, SSP cars were dirt cheap, and most ended up hacked up for drag racing after being retired. Now they're highly sought after.

    As for Barrett-Jackson, they sold a '65 coupe w/ a 200ci for $6,000; they showed it briefly on tv last night.

    My roommate has a low mileage 248A. Wouldn't be too hard to take his back to stock. He'd just have to get some 16" waffles, and stock springs, and a stock exhaust.
  20. i love notchbacks i think hatchbacks are queer keep that for the focuses and such..but whats a 248a?? never heard of that