Roush 1995 mystic SALEEN..poster car. Where is it?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by mint93GT, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Saw it for sale online awhile back for like $85K, then again a year or so later from a guy in Maryland for $65K. I always loved that car and would like to know where it is. ANyone?

  2. 95-10 was sitting in my garage for a little while, and now sits in the garage of a friend who is the new owner.

    I would think that he will bring it out for some of the Saleen Club Of America events depending on his schedule.

    It was a fun car to drive, and the color changes are amazing on that car.
  3. You are one lucky guy. When I first saw that car I was in awe of it. I would have done anything to raise the money to buy it. Hell...even if I had been saving for all this time I would still have not been able to afford it. Do you have any pictures you could send me of it. I'd be very appreciative. All I ever had was the BASF file picture. Thanks.
  4. Are you talking about this car?


    It was on ebay
  6. ohh ok, that is what i thought, just double checking. :nice:
  7. Yeah...the speedster is KiLLeR!!...That SALEEN is nice too. All SALEENs are nice though. I'm a former owner. I had 1988 SALEEN #420. Sold it for as much as I paid for it, so I couldn't pass it up. There is a 1993 SALEEN in my future, though. Although the SN95 body styles are getting into my price range and I have never owned a Mustang newer than 1993. Hmm. Might be something to think about.

    SALEEN Mike: The car in your signature sounds awesome. I have something one of a kind as well. Well...maybe not one of a kind, but I have never seen any elsewhere. I have a set of STERN 3 Piece wheels, except mine are an 18 inch version. Pretty cool. :D
  8. I have a couple of pictures of the car from the 2002 MCA in Virginia, I'll take a look on my machine at home for them.
  9. I believe this is it..Had these saved for quite awhile...

    Sorry for the small size, Wouldnt let me attach the full size.

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  10. That is the car, 95-10. It changes to about 15 colors depending on the light and the angle.
  11. Or more, depending on the color of the dog in the front seat, right Mike? :rlaugh:
  12. LMAO!

    Now Rick's dog gets to ride around in it :D
  13. The one I'm talikng about was a BASF poser #2 or #5 for the year. It had Chrome 6 spoke 18's with a red anodized centercap. The spokes were flatter than the SALEEN/SPEEDLINE wheels. Not the car you have in those pictures...unless the wheels have been changed.
  14. The BASF Poster car was 95-0010. It is the Speedster pictured above.

    For the poster, and the promotion/giveaway it wore chrome 6 spoke wheels. When the car was given away, the winner had an option to purchase the wheel/tire combo, as they were not part of the giveaway, and declined.

    There is a nice sized print, about 5 feet in length, hanging on the wall across from Steve's office.

    I have a small poster of this car still in my garage. Unfortunately, the car is not still there.
  15. I only found 2 pictures from the MCA show last year...


  16. It was in Georgia for a while. I saw it at a gathering for the "Museum" site committee. I would have had to have the original wheels that were on it while it was on display during the 20th MCA in Atlanta. The were so much better looking than the stock Saleens.
  17. The wheels are @ $8,000 from HRE, then you still need tires. This is why the original owner passed on buying them when they won the promotion.

    I know the current owner would love to have somebody buy him a set of the "Poster wheels" for Christmas. If you feel like being Santa, I will put you in touch with him :)
  18. both of those cars are nice!