1995... need help with ID of a few parts


Dec 7, 2018
Gibson City, Illinois
After a bit of a break I'm back at getting my '95 put back together and replacing a head gasket. It was a 3.8 car that now has 5.0 v8 in it. While I've got the car apart I'm trying to research what parts I should think about replacing. I took pics of what I could and will include them below.

I've tried researching but can't seem to find any conclusive info on transmission (automatic) differences from v6 to v8. I've seen some say it is the exact same AODE trans and no real changes need to be made and others that argue there are differences. The car does drive with whatever is in it (I got car this way), I'm just not sure if I need to worry about it breaking. If there are differences, can the trans be ID'd from pics attached? I tried to take a few different angles. I was told that they guy who did the engine swap told the owner before me it was the correct trans. The swap was done by 2 owners previous but the guy before me never really drove it and didn't have time to fix the head gasket.

The other question is about the rear end. I'm fairly sure it's the one from the v6 (7.7?), but I took a pic of it as well hoping someone could verify. If it is the v6 rear end, I'll swap it, just wanted to make sure before buying one.

Finally, while I was taking pics I took some of the mufflers to see if anyone know what they were by sight. There is no markings that I can see on the visible parts other that "inlet" next to the inlet pipe mount.






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Aug 11, 2013
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Ok here goes. :) Best guesses really. The AODE is arguably the same, same part number from Ford, valid differences of opinion are all over the web. The primary difference is the bellhousing, which is why the junkyard listing are different between v6 and v8. The v6 bell will bolt up, but starter location relative to the crank center is different, which would require a different flywheel to work. So unless someone sourced a v8 bellhousing and attached it to the v6 transmission, I'd guess the engine and transmission were swapped together. If it's working, I wouldn't sweat it. If it burns up, get a v8 AODE for the next one. No reason to swap it out now from my viewpoint. If you're looking to make 500hp, either AODE won't live long behind it anyways. :)

The mufflers look like older-style Flowmasters, due to the cones at the inlets and that bump-out on the body. The name badge might be up top if you can wiggle a phone in there to take a picture.

The rear can be determined by looking at the bolt pattern of the diff cover. She looks like a 7.5 to me.

If you don't have big plans to upgrade power or run slicks at the track, it may hold up just fine for a daily driver. They're said to be good for ~300rwhp and the stock 5.0 won't get close to that (though it might mess things up with its torque if you do some hard launches with a lot of grip).


Dec 7, 2018
Gibson City, Illinois
Only mods are that it has GT40P heads that will get mild porting, GT40 explorer intake and I might put in a cam. If/when I swap the rear end I’ll add some gears to it.


I think they're a little easier to get off
May 15, 2018
That’s a 7.5 rear end. If you don’t give it too much hell it’ll live.

Those look like flowmaster or fauxmaster 40s
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