1996 1997 1998 mustang cobra bumpers for sale

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by jeremy canter, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. just what the title say's going to start selling parts off the cobra > These are white 98 mustang cobra bumpers front and rear and the stock cobra wing in perfict shape > no trade's unless you have a set of chrome 18inch SALEEN rims > $400 each bumper $100 for the wing > they are OEM FORD / pic at your request.
  2. $400 wow thats pretty steep for used bumpers, which probably still have to get it painted. I'm looking for a rear cobra bumper but thats to much for that. I just bought the oem cobra front for $150.
  3. good for you ,sounds like a good deal> my price is still the same
  4. Well if you can not sell the rear which I'm guessing you won't, give me a message with a price like half that.
  5. :flag:
    yea^ I know , I priced the bumpers on CJ_PONY parts.com before I posted > some people just want to be a rude @$$. I have these listed on craigs list too and might list them on Fle-bay tonight :)
  6. if i had the money i would buy them both from you because i love the sn95 cobra body and my front bumper is all chipped and the back has spider cracks.. but i can't swing that cash right now.. Also wish i could afford the rims
  7. my bumpers are PERFICT the front has one small scratch on the front lower passanger side > you can only see it if you lay on the ground > I bought paint for the rims > thinking about painting the a dark gun-metal .
  8. Called eBay look into it MPSsalvage.com you might save some money in the future! Yeah I hate those people also :rlaugh: I went through the same thing with my Logan intake and guess what I still have it :shrug:
  9. Just so you know CJponyparts.com lists the bumper for $160!!

    94-8 COBRA FRONT BUMPER COVER 1994-1998 | CJ Pony Parts
  10. yea >$160 for cheap imported bumper's that might fit right or might not fit at all OEM one's are more that $600 > mine are mint , perfict stock FORD bumper's not junk yard piece's off a wreck with split's or crack's > and my price is still the same >
    bumper's are listed on FLe-bay tonight .:flag:
  11. the rims will look good with the dark gun metal.. I painted my stock rims black with a red lip and red pony and they look mint.. Like i said wish i had the 1100 to buy the combo
  12. hey deals can be made.
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