1996 Cobra with SVO side exhaust

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  1. Hello,

    I have a 1996 Cobra that I purchased three years ago from its original owner.
    One of the main reasons I bought this particular Cobra was that it had the SVO
    side exhaust option. According to the original owner, he also purchased this
    particular Cobra off the showroom floor mainly because of the SVO side exhaust.
    He further added that according to the salesman at the dealership, SVO side
    exhaust was a factory installed option only at dealer request. Can anyone verify
    this for me? Are there any Cobra owners that have the SVO side exhaust option
    out there?

    I have also been told that the SVO side exhaust system was an over the parts
    counter purchase only. If this is true, how could my particular Cobra be on the
    showroom floor with the side exhaust system installed?

    I tried to contact the original dealership, but they changed hands several years
    ago and purged all of their old records:mad: I also contacted SVT directly, and
    they told me the SVO side exhaust system was not installed by them. So where
    do I go from here to find the origin of my side exhaust system?

    Finally, I was hoping the original owner could locate his purchase documents and
    original window sticker - but he was not able to.

    It would be great if a member here has the documentation that supports either
    the purchase & installation of the SVO side exhaust option or a window sticker
    identifying it as a factory option.

    Can anyone help me out here?


    p.s This is my '96 Cobra

  2. To the best of my knowledge, the SVO side exhaust was sold over the counter only. I have a couple of old SVO Parts catalogs that show the kit. More than likely, the kit was installed at the dealership before sale in an effort to jazz it up. Obviously, it worked. :D
  3. Thanks for responding.

    I'd like to see those catelogs:D Are any of them dated for the 1996 model year?



    I've searched the whole Web for svo side skirts and you're the closest thing to finding one.

    IO need a side skirt for my mustang, mines fleww off on the turnpike n I'm desperate to fix it except, they're no where to be found.

    If you have any info, please e-mail me... [email protected]

    This is my nmost prized possession... priginal pics of when I bought it.... http://www.zmotors.biz/95_mustang_5.0/95_mustang_5.0.htm


    95_mustang_gt (16).JPG
  5. i have them on mine and it was and ford motorsport racing catalog/over the counter sale. they are discontinued now, but i still see a few cobras witht them.
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  11. Anyway....will we be getting back on topic anytime soon? Does Cervini's not make a replacement side exhaust cover for the SN95? I'm pretty sure the '95 Cobra R had the same side skirt? :shrug:

    Another alternative...http://www.mrbodykit.com/bodykits/94mustang.htm