1996 Gt P1sc Build Thread

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  1. So I recently did a PI head swap on my 96GT, while doing it I did a complete rebuild and put 0.020 pistons in it. The motor was stout putting down 259 rwhp/275rwtq. The only problem was that the machine shop that bored and honed the cylinders, honed the block too large for the pistons and there was the dreaded piston slap. This was extremely frustrating. But with all bad things comes something good. This gives me the opportunity to pull it back down and add some boost. Here is the build thread.

    Here is the current plan for mods:
    Forged 8 bolt crank
    Block bored 0.030 over
    Manley forged h-beam rods and Manley -18cc Pistons
    PI 2V heads with Stage 1 Port from MMR
    Stage 1 Blower Cams from MMR
    78 MM BBK Throttle Body and plenum
    P1SC Procharger with 10lbs pulley
    CXR 3C Intercooler
    Ford Racing Shorties
    BBK Catted X Pipe
    American Thunder 44 Series Flowmasters

    Also adding a set of Trick Flow valve covers (I hate the factory ones)

    Oh and new wheels for good measure.

    Step one: Get rid of the block with the piston slap.

    Step two: Buy a supercharger

    More to come as the build progresses.
  2. Wow is that the P1 impeller? Looks odd. Are the P1 impellers that different from the D1's?

    My D1SC