1996 Gt Vs 2013 Civic Si

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  1. So I just got my 96 stang about a month ago and this kid I know (ricer) keeps saying his car will smash mine. Anyone ever raced a newer model Civic Si? I know it's a civic but his cars a lot newer than mine and it would be pretty embarassing to lose..
    I have lots of bolt on mods, cat delete with xpipe to stock mufflers, long tube headers, aftermarket driveshaft, not sure if it has aftermarket gears because I bought the car in its current state. Whatcha guys think?
  2. Civic Si is a clown car I test drove one they are a joke. As a Mustang owner you have to be man enough to walk away from the douchebags they are not worth the gas. Everyone will want to see how they measure up against the gold standard which is the Mustang, it can be tiresome and it can test one's maturity at times.

    Just smile and say to them; "There is always someone faster" and if they are douchebags also tell them they are not worth the gas.

    And I know it sounds cliche but do not ever street race, ever. Its a hard thing to do I have had moments of weakness myself but it is best to not street race ever.
  3. Funny thats the same thing I was thinking to tell him. But thanks! Good advice.
  4. I had a 96 GT and never lost to an Si...ever. Tell him to meet you at the track if he insists.
  5. What mods did you have done? But yeah on the facebook post a bunch of people already told him he was gonna lose LOL :cool:
  6. Only way to win is going from a dig or low roll. Your TQ will give you the early lead. However, you’re probably making 20+/- more rwhp than him but weigh almost 500lbs heavier….which means he’ll run you down the faster you go
  7. Civic SI's are high 14 low 15 sec cars at best. They're actually relatively heavy for an Import car and have absolutely 0 Tq to speak of. I had a good friend some time ago who was a hot shot in his 03 Civic Si and I kid you not he would lose to my friend's :poo:box Saturn with a 5 speed. Every one of our Mustangs would smash it without any issue whatsoever, especially from a dig or low roll. They haven't improved much in straight line performance over the years and have gained a lot of weight in the mean time. Don't sweat this guy, and ask him to prove it to you at the track if he's so confident.