Expired 1996 Mustang 3.8l, 5-speed

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  1. Selling 1996 Mustang 3.8L, 5-speed, high milage, most work completed. $950

    It has brand new inner & outer tie rods, ball joints, struts and rear shocks.
    New front springs
    low milage donor 3.8L engine
    good donor T5 wc transmission, runs quiet and shifts perfect.
    Brand new clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, fork, ford throwout bearing, pilot bearing less than 500 miles
    Nearly new tires all around
    New exhaust.
    Car tracks well on the road, pulls strong, no oil consumption. Passed state inspection and emissions.

    Needs: flywheel to crank threads are damaged, needs thread inserts, threaded next size up or new crank. This car will make a decent driver with this repair compete.



    Near Frederick, Md

    skype 954-603-3055
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.