1996 Mustang Gas Tank Leak.

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  1. Hello, i'm kinda new here. So i just brought a Mustang and filled the tank up and notice that i was smelling gas. The other night i looking under the car and there was a puddle full of gas.

    I have pics not sure if i am allow to post them. Please help with this issue.


    gas1.jpg gas2.jpg gas3.jpg gas4.jpg
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  2. Thanks everyone i drop the tank yesterday and replaced the grommet.

  3. Also I just found out that Autozone sells Dorman replacement grommets now $18.97. I just had to replace mine because I was getting a gas smell outside the car stankin up my garage. Last time I needed one no auto jobbers carried them and I had to go to the dealer at 35 bucks. The Dorman piece looks well made to me.