1996 mustang

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  1. hey i have a 1996 mustang that i want to get faster what is the easiest way to do that i don't have a lot of money to spend on it but i want to make it fast can anyone help?
  2. Whats your budget?
  3. For five grand you could have a V8 car that might even have some mods already.
  4. i don't want a v8 i love my mustang :)
  5. With 5K you get a TMA Turbo Kit Or a power pak from supersixmotosports id use it as downpayment for a new car lol i have a 96 too lol ;)
  6. For $5k I'd buy a 94-95 Cobra and drive that.

    Putting a turbo or supercharger on a car is going to be expensive, require tuning and involve some owner responsibility in terms of increased monitoring and maintainence. It's not exactly a bolt it on and forget it sort of mod. Add in the supporting mods and you'll easily exceed $5k

    Buy $5k in bolt ons and you won't really see a whole ton of performance.

    You are better off saving your $5k and spending it elsewhere

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