1996 Tangerine GT, need help!

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  1. Alright guys, just got this 96 Tangerine GT, now i need help. how special are these cars? how many were made? are they considered collectible? i got it for 5,200 and it has 40,000 miles on it, i got this to be a complete rocker, but now im not so sure. what should i do here? is this car to special to modify? any help would be great!!!
  2. anyone? anyone? hello?
  3. If I were you, I wouldn't do anything to it that can't be reversed. Thoses are hard to come by, If i'm not mistaken, they were only made that year. I think that color is hot. If you go to the yellow mustang registry, it has a section on those. Post some pics.
  4. dude! thanks for that web site, that was cool, now i know how rare they are! 829! my god thats rare! i thought like 5 thousand, like a bullitt, not that few, thanks again
  5. Yeah, post some pics! What options does your car have? Leather? Auto?
  6. they are very rare yes... with less than 900 being sold, id say it was about as rare as you're likely to get....

    Ive got a Tangerine Saleen S281 from 96. 1 of only 5 ever... heres a pic :nice:


    show us some pics of yours dude, apart from mine, ive never seen another tangerine one... well. I do live in the UK for a start, it's kinda a limiting factor :shrug:

    Post some pics matey...


  7. I like the color... too bad more of them werent made... well I guess thats good for you guys... bad for the rest of us ;)
  8. I of 5 Huh? I work with your cars brother. A guy I work with has a Tangerine S281 Coupe, Auto, with Black leather. It is his daily driver and remains stock. Unfortunately, he is not a car guy. Everytime I try and talk with him about it I get the impression I am wasting his time :shrug:

    My car is like one of 135, 5spd, Black Leather..

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  9. dude, your car looks sweet....

    any chance you could try and grab a pic of my cars bro next time you see it ???

    be nice to see another one...

    btw. what exhaust you running there ?


  10. Sure no problem. I will take a pic sometime this week and post it.

    I am running a 3-chamber Flowmaster catback, and a Bassani X-pipe with cats. Sounds pretty good in my opinion. Brian's Saleen (the guy I work with) sounds pretty good with the Borla exhaust.
  11. Sorry for the delay. He has not been driving it lately:shrug: I have not run into him either to ask but here is a picture from the company car show we had mid summer.

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  12. thanks or the pic dude, look s exactly like mine :D

    they are soo cool in tangerine, I love them.... All ive got to do now is get a picture of the other 3 and Ill post them all together online :D

    does that car have mustang emblems on the front fenders or does it have the s281 badge ??

    also, do you remember if its 96- 019, 125, or 051 ???


  13. It has the GT emblems on the side. Unfortunately, I don't remember the number :( I will see if I can find that out for you...

    BTW, is yours a 5spd or auto? Do you know the breakdown of the 5? I know the one here is an auto.
  14. cheers dude :D

  15. I'm a little late on this one, but nice looking tang stangs guys! Any idea how many Boss Shinoda tangerines were produced? As far as the Saleen....wow! It's even over the pond!!! I knew there were only 5 made, but had never seen any except a pic in MM&FF recently on a article about Saleen and his 20 years in business.

    I have a vert myself. 1 of 51 black leather/black top/5-speed combos.

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  16. Edge, you never posted what transmission your car has?

    Were all 5 Saleen's coupe's? I vaguely remember seeing a Saleen vert at the dealership here in town?

    There is a tangerine Roush vert around the corner from where I live now. It is an automatic with white leather and top. Nice car! The guy added the kit some 4 years back.

    grtpmkn, my car is not a registered Shinoda Boss. The decals were dealer installed when the car was new. I have slowly added some other Shinoda stuff since I bought it from my friend. It will need some more items before Team Shinoda will serial number the car.
  17. Very nice looking cars, I really like the tangerines.

    Spencer Mathias
    Pompano Beach FL
    96 Saleen Coupe
    Build #96-0019

    Peter Riley IL
    96 Saleen
    Convertible Blk Lthr/Blk Top

    Marc Stein Olney MD
    96 Saleen Coupe

    Augie Cacoilo
    Union NJ
    96 Saleen Convertible
    Saleen #125, 1 of only 5 made

    Dustin Woxland Waupun WI
    96 Saleen Coupe Build #96-0051

    Just what I got from the yellow mustangs directory. These are all tangerines.

    so we got 125, 51 from the directory.
  18. Edit button wasnt showing up.

    That leaves 3 coupes, 2 verts...but the only thing thats fishy is that shows all 5, but none are in the UK?
  19. sorry guys, havent checked here for a while, mines a 5 speed stick shift..

    on the tangerina registry, i filled in the form and submitted it but it either never made it or got stuck somewhere...

    Ive spoken to Saleen and they know the car very well as it was given to one of their managers (saleen/allen speedlab) as a gift... he bought it oover here and sold it to Mr.Caroll then I bought it, so Im fairly convinced its ok...

    I think I'll take another look at the registry in a minute..


  20. right, either one of the guys there has got a rep, or (this is more likely), one of the registered guys sold his, and the new guy registered it too... a couple there havent got a build number, but the specs are different...

    Im confident that mine's legit as before I bought it, I call Saleen, and said.....

    "I'm thinking of buying a saleen s281, its number 96-005" to which the lovely lady replied

    "oh, that'd be Mr. Carrolls tangerine one in London".........

    I was like......."uh huh" it was all go from then on :D