1996 through 2004 Technical Service Bulletins

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  1. Here is a tech article that has them all listed in a table. It's referenced in the "look here first" sticky as of this point also.
  2. thanks! that's some good info <3
  3. Interesting stuff there...
  4. Here is my question. Most of the 3650 problems only reference up to an 03. I have a 04 with the same exact problems. I found a tsb for 1-2 but nothing for 2-3. I took my car to my local dealership and they told me "we duplicated ur problem and its normal." My response, "so a trasmission with 27k on it is supposed to grind?" ..... No answer. Then I asked about the tsb's and the service writer said they are merely sugestions on what others had done. By reading those and it say "must" replace. I think Ford says to fix it and they don't want to...

    Any info here.... Suggestions??? I only have 2k left on my warranty and tranny is getting worse. I am very easy on it but have been to the track 4 times in the last 1.5 years. Total of 15 passed (I keep all my slips).

    Need this fixed. :bang:
  5. tranny probs!

    Hey bro i feel for you! but they just gonna tell you that the tranny has been abused! if they can prove you abused it @ the track you gonna loose! i mean the ball is in your court. i do not know your driving habits on and off the track. but ford looks @ daily driving. and they gonna look @ track! hmmmm abuse and they r not gonna cover. they got loop holes to protect them. this is my advice to you if you drag it! it can rag it! so be ready to spend the money for the repairs! that is the way it is when you play! and toy's cost money! i just hope this is not your only transportation! peace! Don. :Track: run it till it breaks! :flag:
  6. Hey Squeak93, What kind of warranty do you have? I understand you only have 27K miles but it's a 2004 model. Extended powertrain warranty?
  7. tsb

    squeak my manual goes to 04,,,what is you problem i can look;;;the sticky i didnt look at,,my manual goes back into the 80s
  8. I probably need to update these TSB's.. LOL some of those are from 2006
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    Any update?
  10. Give it a shot now. We moved from CMS to another since this was published. The article is migrated now.
  11. Awesome - thanks for fixing that!