Expired 1997 Cobra Project (over $30k Invested)

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Dec 6, 2016
Los Angeles
Asking $13,000 obo
Offers Welcome

(Los Angeles CA)

This will be a huge loss for me. I have hundreds of hours into this project.
I need to find a home for this Cobra ASAP.

I will not part this car out. Serious Buyers Only.

Please Text me or Call if interested!! PM's don't always go through here on SVTP

Car is kept in storage in a large Aviation Hangar so it hasn't seen any weather or the Sun. It currently has a car cover on it to protect it.

I am the 2nd Owner of this Cobra. I've had it for 8 years and it's been in storage for 5 years. I purchased it from the Original Owner who put 29,000 miles on the car. The odometer now reads about 40,000 miles so its literally barley been used.

I have all original receipts going back to 1997, I have both sets of keys, I have all the SVT paperwork from Ford including the SVT Certificate, I have the Original Window Sticker, Pink Slip in Hand, and 1997-1998 Brochures.

For those of you that already know me, I am very particular and have a horrible sickness called OCD.
I'm very particular and try not to cut corners.
I am a perfectionist and i'm pretty anal about cleanliness.
This vehicle is one of a kind. Probably one of the cleanest around.
I have invested over $30k into this car not including the actual vehicle.

I originally pulled the motor apart to to build up the Heads (Port/Polish/Cams) and the Block for 1000HP. I sold the Original T5 Transmission and was planning a T56. After my dad passed away I lost interest and decided I wanted to find the right buyer and put that $$ towards a house.

(OEM Heads are Still Fully Assembled & professionally Packed In Head Shipping Boxes)
(OEM Forged Crank is Also Boxed up)
(OEM Teksid Block is disassembled and Boxed up)




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