1997 Mustang 4.6 2v supercharged reaching 250 F and up when using A/C


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May 8, 2008
Hey guys i have research this for hours and no forum seems to have a good advice and direction to go in
so i have a 1997 mustang gt 4.6L 2V with a DSS stroker out motor to 5.0 supercharged with a vortech si trim. i just recently put all new ac lines ac condenser. i have a griffin 3" rad with spal fan and shield, oil cooler and i installed a new stock temp thermostat. 8 rib pulley with stock water pump size pulley. Installed the paxton air to air inter cooler up front. its all a tight fit in the year mustang. it runs great. So running it the past few days ac works great got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and the temp went so high 235 - 250 idling and seem to still be rising i shut the ac off when i saw it climb to 250 and it took awhile but the temp did drop down. Rad flushed using peak 400 with distilled water and redline waterwetter . brand new royal purple oil change. i am wondering if i should change to a lower thermostat rather than the stock one. also wondering if modded the front bumper support to mount a pusher fan in front of the inter-cooler would help in stop and go traffic any advice an input welcomed
When the ac is off the temp is at 196-204 ranges on how i get on it. It's only when the Ac is running that the issue comes up. its a hot summer this year and sucks to drive without the ac but i wanna enjoy the mustang for the summer. when i am on the highway getting on it the temp stays at the 200 mark.these temp readings are from my SCT tuner monitoring the system as i drive.
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