1997 Mustang GT HP/TQ Potential Gains w these mods


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Jan 27, 2020
Hello, i'm not sure if i'm posting in the correct section or not so i apologize in advance if this is the wrong spot.

I have a 97 Mustang GT, last year i swapped out the engine due to a thrown rod, i put in the 2011 crown vic 4.6 2V PI engine. (EST 115k miles as of now) & swapped out to a 99 cobra trans (Not sure if there is any difference, the 97 trans had bad syncros).

I've also added a cold air intake, bigger throttle body and coil packs.

My plans are to purchase cams, bigger fuel injectors and an SCT tuner kit next week but wanted to see if it would be worth the gains. (I'm going to be installing myself so the shop fees won't be included).

What type of HP/TQ gains could i be looking at once the cams & injectors are installed with a proper tune? I know at the moment i'm not taking advantage of my PI heads & intake.. The car runs fine as it is but would love more power.

Thank you!
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Mad Mod

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Jul 5, 2020
Okoboji Iowa
Throwing mild off-shelf cams in an otherwise stock 4.6 should still see reasonable gains, but its hard to put a number on it. It may only gain 25hp peak to peak but the gains past peak would be much greater. Just note, when you go past the duration needed to make power with the long runner pi intake, you will start killing midrange power so dont go crazy with cam spec. Id avoid most all bolt ons for these cars minus longtubes, and maybe an electric water pump if you plan on tracking the car a lot. The stock fuel system is fine with this power level, even with a mild cam so no need to jump on fuel mods right away.