1997 Svt Cobra Advice For Mods

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Jason Gonter, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone. I recently picked up 1996 Saleen 196 and recently purchased a 1997 SVT Cobra with 16k miles and a procharger set up. The car is adult owned and not beaten. Other then a tune and the procharger set with supporting componets, no other mods. I love the way the 96 Saleen handles and want to duplicate the handleing or close to it on the Cobra. I want to do a Hurst or B&M short throw - advice on which? Also I would like to do headers, non cat x pipe and rear exhaust - which brands for these are recomended...Bassani, Flowmaster, Borla? Any recomendations for the suspension set up, I am looking to drop the cars height a little and looking for a stiffer ride. Lastly, the Saleen has an aftermarket cluth and it's pretty stiff and heavy. I feel the Cobra is a little too light and has to be let out all the way....any suggestions to tune that issue up? Thanks for all of your help and your time. Jason