1997 V6 Swap To V8

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  1. I have a 1997 ford mustang v6. I was wondering if it is worth swapping out the motor to a v8 or just rebuilding the v6 and doing a possible supercharger or twin turbo. I've had this car for over 13 years now and she has been 100% reliable. I just want to fix her up little.
  2. Shouldn't be too hard. Depends on what your goals are

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  3. I wondering if I could just swap the motor and reuse the 5 speed transmission I have still currently in the car. I'm not sure what type of transmission it is and will it mate to the v8 motor?
  4. It's a t-5 transmission and what motor it bolts to depends on if you use a 5.0L or a 4.6L.

    Engine swaps are not easy. I'd recommend studying for a while because you will need a lot more parts than just the motor. Cost might equal the price of selling your car and buying an original v8 as well...minus the hours of labor and parts searching.