Progress Thread 1998 Gt Procharger Build

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  1. Just read this whole thread. I can feel the heart break through the screen. You'll get it done though!
  2. Part of me wants to get it right and sell it before something else goes wrong. The other part wants to beat the living **** out of it and actually enjoy it.

    Both likely end up unsatisfactory.
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  3. Progress is good. These are some of the reasons I will never do long tubes. They're not worth the headache.
  4. They were definitely worth it on my Fox, idk about mod motors. I really want a set for my 03 and my 12. I'd have to be the one to install them though. o_O
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  5. Power wise they are 100% worth it. Fitment is TIGHT, especially on an automagic mod motor. There is about 1 inch between the header and trans pan (I do have a big ass deep/finned trans pan too) to work with getting the lines in and out (and screwed in).
  6. Got under the car to find good news for once. It was just the dipstick tube on the trans leaking. Some taps with a brass hammer and its in place and good. Cleaned up a few other small things and dropped it off for a new heater core.

    Good thing too because jegs screwed up and didn't overnight the stuff. I'll be returning it all and getting my shipping back since it didn't come overnight as I paid for.
  7. If you're comparing going from a stock 5.0 to long tubes, sure you'll see a big difference. You'd see a big difference going to mid-length as well.

    There isn't enough difference between shorties and long tubes to be worth the headache *for me*. I'd rather spend my time and money elsewhere versus putting on a set of headers that is going to make life miserable under the hood.
  8. Ask them to check out the hoses to the core as well. Once upon a time, I blew up a heater core and found my hoses to be thin in places as well. It would be a bummer to swap the core then blow a hose or to clog up your new core with deteriorating hoses.
  9. The hoses are new as well. We bent the heater core tube just a tad when installing the motor the first time. The core was leaking right at that crease. Doh.

    The transmission is still puking fluid. I'm going to drop the pan today and replace the gasket. That's the only item left aside from a hairline crack the opens when the trans is hot and leaks.
  10. Oops!

    Is it a crack in the transmission casing?
  11. I think I got the pan lined out. New gasket. Twice. I stripped a bolt hole and had to drop it back out again to heli coil a thread hole. That sucked. But it's fine. Pan seams to have sealed so far but it seems to get worse and leak over night.

    One issue solved and three more arrive.

    The o2 that you have to remove to drop the pan has shorted out against the pan. I cut it off and plugged that hole. I'm trying to find someone to weld in a new bung in my garage so I don't have to trailer it to an exhaust shop just for a damn sensor.

    The pos saga continues.

    I believe I'm going to have it tuned then sell it. I'm tired of working on it all the time and don't want to keep doing this anymore. This car has made me royally hate this hobby.
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  12. Tomorrow is the day for trip number three to Monks and the dyno.

    We had to move the driver side o2 bung to the outside of the header as it was just too close to the pan. It ended up rubbing a wire and shorting out the sensor on the trans pan. So we drilled a new hole and tach welded up a new bung. It's getting finished welded at an exhaust shop (doing it on our backs on the floor with a flux mig welder wasn't the prettiest weld ever).

    No more leaks that I can see and it appears to be operating as it should be (sans the exhaust leak at the new bung).

    We will load up tonight and head out at 3am for the 5 hour drive to STL Mustangs.
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  13. Dyno appt off. Car is for sale. Likely cheap as it dumped more trans fluid today.

    Pm if interested. Locking this nightmare up.