Roush 1998 Saleen XP8 For sale

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by itflyz, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. I have a Saleen XP8 Explorer # 98-0041 with super low miles (25K miles). White w/ grey leather, all original and in near new condition. No dents, scratches; this car is in perfect condition. I knew the original owner and told him I wanted the XP8 when he was done, then followed with phone calls 4X year. I purchased the vehicle last year for $19,000 but we are buying a condo and can't afford a toy just now, so am selling for $18,000 OBO. This is my second Saleen (first was an '87) and it is truly a fun car to drive and take to shows.

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    Price could be do-able since you have low mileage but you'll have to have the right options.
  3. A location and more details would be really good.
  4. XP8 For Sale

    As for options, this one did not come with supercharger, optioned hood, or Recaros. It has original Perelli tires (70%), Speedline Magnesium wheels (silver), steering wheel, dash/door trim, graphics, etc. I am told that most 98's came with the '97 transmission, but this one has the updated '98 which is the same as the Crown Victoria (police special) version.

    The vehicle is located in Olympia, WA. It was originally purchased by a friend, Steve Boone, owner of Boone Ford. This was his wife's car. When he sold the dealership he called to see if I wanted it but I was already deep in cars so I told another friend who bought it. I told him I wanted it when he was done and checked with him 4X year for nine years. I bought the vehicle from him last year with 17K miles and now have 25K miles. I love this car but we are buying a condo and toy cars have to go for now. It deserves an owner that can truly appreciate the rarity and fun this car offers.

    Chris Lane
  5. Is this not :spam: itself? The StangNet Terms of Service that you agreed to when you registered state that no classifieds are permitted in the general discussion forums. That is what we have classifieds for.
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