1998 Supercharged Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

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  1. Times are tuff and I have to do the unthinkable. :( I am listing my Mark VIII for sale. This isnt for someone that wants a cheap luxury car cause this car aint cheap.

    I have a 40+ page thread on LVC showing everything thats been done to the car since I had it. Almost everything mechanical has been replaced. Even little things inside that bugged me. A chip on the console, it got rplaced. Small scratch on a dashboard pannel and it got replaced. Everything works. The entire front end is under a year old with new UCAs, LCA,s strut rod bushings, tie rods, sway bar links, bushings etc etc. Air ride components are under two years old and work flawlessly.

    KB 2.2L twin screw with bypass valve
    42lb injectors
    90mm Lightning MAF meter
    255 pump
    Borla custom made mandrel bent cat back
    3.73 FRPP gears
    Cobra Trak Loc with 4 clutches per side
    IRS brace
    K-member brace
    Firewall brace
    Addco 1.25" sway bars
    Poly links
    AHAM8 custom suspension height/spring rate controller in center console
    Custom SCT tune (it is tuned to perfection)
    PLX multi gauge with wideband A/F
    First made (the prototype wheels) Saleen Speedstar wheels with Yokohama S-Drive tires
    Rolled fenders
    Cobra brakes with slotted rotors and EBC Red Stuff pads
    Trans cooler
    Pioneer AVIC Z1 with 80 gb upgrade and 2010 maps and software update
    JL Audio 500/5 amo
    Boston Acoustics Pro 6.5" components
    Boston Acoustics SPG-555 13" Racetrack sub in Boston ported box

    Car starts right up all the time with no smoke or noise. Runs smooth and like stock untill you get on it and it becomes a beast. Has a very safe 8 psi tune only seeing 16.5* max timing and runs at 12:1 A/F at WOT. Still sees 22mpg at 75 mph on the highway.

    The bad:
    Has 5 or 6 door dings (nothing major and can be PDR'd)
    Trans dip stick tube o-ring leaks a little (couple drops after a couple days)
    Front tires dont have much life left due too a poor alignment (now since fixed)

    I have over 13K in it and thats only because I did all the work except for the gears and initial blower work. That was performed by SVO on here.

    Car is $9900 and you will not find a better performing or driving Mark for that kind of money. Car is a total sleeper.


    This was the final dyno run at Gearheads Performance in Arlington. The belt squeel was fixed and the motor replaced since then due to hurting it running at 17 psi for a bit. Again, the motor replacement is well doccumented on LVC in my progress thread.

    YouTube - Mark VIII Final Dyno run at Gearheads
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Not open for further replies.