1999 35th Anniversary Limited Ed. Mustang GT Convertible w/Aftermarket Supercharger

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Jun 9, 2011
Looking for a fast car to impress your friends with a convertible top to impress your girl??? Look no further! This 1999 Mustang GT Convertible 35th Anniversary Limited Edition has an aftermarket super charger that was professionally installed. It has 384 hp at the rear wheels! This car is also special because it is Build #3630 of only 4628 made. Ford suggested we keep the car as it will only go up in value. However, two kids puts a cramp in our style when it comes to this fun car! Additional details:

- 4.6 V8 with automatic transmission
- Vortech V2-SQ supercharger and air to water aftercooler
- Flowmaster exhaust
- Autometer Vac/Boost gauge and Air/Fuel gauge installed in custom instrument custer bezel
- Approx. 85,000 miles
- Garage kept
- Convertible top is in great shape

$13,000 OBO. Located in Kingsport, TN. Contact [email protected] if interested.

Please note: Not all 1999 Mustangs are part of the limited 35th anniversary edition, even if they have an emblem on the outside of the car. True limited edition anniversary cars have a plate mounted inside the car near the headlight certifying their authenticity.



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Not open for further replies.