Expired 1999 Cobra S/c Sra 6sp Built Engine.. Indiana

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  1. Ok so this is hard to do but I'm putting my baby up for sale. Its been a project since I bought it and nearly everything is finished but I have just lost interest in it unfortunately. I bought the car in 2005 from a friend who own a re builder lot it was rear ended and had originated from Texas, I believe the previous owner was Eliotk on corral. The car overall has a few minor blemishes and is not a show car but is not a pile either. Ok so the body itself has 69,000 miles on it, the engine is fresh off a rebuild and the transmission was installed at around 40k miles. There are tons of mods and im sure I will forget several but here is a list I can think of off the top of my head.

    Engine is a 99 cobra aluminum block: Bored .20 over, balanced, the heads were checked, Mahle dished forged pistons, Scat H-beam rods, steel cobra crank, new oil pump, new timing gears/tensioners/guides, ARP main studs, 42lb FRPP injectors, Lightning Mass air meter, Hooker Long tube headers, Hooker O/R x-pipe, MAC 3 inch catback exhaust, Vortech V1 supercharger, custom hydraulic line oil return with a bung welded into the oil pan, new alternator, new water pump, new fuel pump, new starter. Im sure theres more im not remembering.

    The transmission is just a stock T56 installed by previous owner theres no slop no play or anything of that nature it has a stock freshly turned flywheel and a spec stage 3 clutch with around 1k miles on it.
    It has a sportline spring kit all the way around and a solid rear axle with 31 spline moser axles and a FRPP locker along with a MAC support girdle. It has a set of 18x10 Authentic Saleen wheels. Also has fairly new rear tires. (will need fronts)

    Interior wise its tan leather and pretty clean it has an auto meter tach/shift light mounted on dash, with boost, air fuel ratio and a temp gauge in the pillar. Exterior it has an 03 rear bumper, the authentic saleen wheels, and a cervini 2.5 cowl hood.

    Now for the Bad or the unfinished items.. The biggest thing is the Head unit needs rebuilt it hasnt been ran much since this was discovered it just leaks oil a little and has some shaft play. It also needs a flexible dipstick to clear the headers. And it has a couple scuffs in the paint. I also had the timing cover/valve covers powder coated and they turned out to be the wrong color.. Due to the huge time crunch I was forced to put them on so the are a miss matched competition orange.

    If you have any questions you can contact me at 812-788-0403 again I was rushed when I made this so please text or call for any additional info. Again the car does have an Indiana rebuilt title.. Im not totally sure what to even price this thing at I know what I have in it and know theres no way I can get that but feel free to shoot me some offers and or trades and we can see where we end up! Thanks alot

    here is a link of the car running

    cobra.jpg cobra.jpg

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  2. btw its located Paoli Indiana 47454.. $8000.00 OBO
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