Expired 1999 Conv. Gt $4000.00

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  1. I'm parting my 35th anniversary Convertible that I've owned it since 2001.

    Engine Build:

    VT 302 stroker shortblock with 2k miles on it
    -Moroso Race Oil Pan
    -stock heads
    -Manley valve springs with titanium retainers

    Fuel System:
    -03 cobra pumps
    -60# Injectors
    -stock rails
    -Boost a pump

    Computer Management:
    - SCT Pro Racer Package


    -Dynomax bullitt muffers wiuth turn downs

    -Newly freshened up TKO
    -Cynergy stage 3 clutch
    -Cynergy Aluminum Flywheel
    -Mcleod Scattersheild
    -Stock driveshaft
    -Moser 33-Spline Axles & C-Clip Eliminators
    -Moser Race Spool
    -FoMoCo 3.55 Gears
    -TA performance Rear End Girdle
    -Welded Axle Tubes

    -Maximum Motorsports 4-Bolt C/C Plates
    -Lakewood 90/10 Drag Struts
    -D&D Tubular K-Member
    -QA1 Tubular A-Arms
    -UPR CoilOvers
    ..14" 150# Springs
    -Steeda Subframe Connectors
    -UPR Double Adj. Upper Control Arms
    ..UPR Spherical Bearings
    -UPR Adj. Lower Control Arms
    -Custom 8 pt Roll Bar
    -Stock V8 rear springs

    -Autometer Shift Light
    -Autometer Boost Gauge
    -Autometer fuel pressure gauge
    -Autometer water temp gauge
    -Autometer oil pressure gauge
    -Dynojet Wideband
    -RJS 5 Point Race Harness ( Black )

    -Keanen 4 1/2"Cowl Hood

    Race Wheel Setup:
    - 15x3.5 Weld Racing Darg Lites

    - 15x10 Weld Racing Drag lites
    (28x10x15 Mickey Goodyear Slicks )


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  2. I'm parting out the car. I just sold the intake and everything is up for grabs. Let me know what you want and I'll snap pics.
  3. 03 cobra tank and pumps $600.00
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