1999 GT


Aug 6, 2020
East Bernstadt ky
Hi all I am new to the Mustang world, but I bought one a few weeks back have been having issues with it, 1st time it died I was driving down a parkway around 50 mph hit a small bump and the car died couldnt get it to start back so had it towed home the anti theft light kept coming on and the odometer was just flashing dashes all the way across,, well a couple weeks later and countless hours online and I was taking the gauge cluster out and all of a sudden the odometer started showing the normal miles and boom it started up and ran great,, was going out to take it on a drive and same thing hit a small bump and the odometer went to all dashes and the car died again got another tow home and wondering if I can just replace the gauge cluster or any other tips thanks in advance..
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