Expired 1999 Mustang Gt/steeda/scca Upgrades

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  1. Hi guys like title says 1999 mustang gt with SCCA upgrades and Steeda upgrades

    Im located in Topeka, Ks
    Phone:78Five-580-Five70Five (Dont check email often)

    ok the goodies:
    • 5-speed manual
    • its got 144,xxx on the clock and everything that has been upgraded has about 40,000 miles on it
    • Patriot ported heads and high-rev cam (aggressive lope, very mean sounding, but still street able)
    • Steeda CAI
    • Edelbrock Nitrous Kit (only ran twice) its 75shot and open throttle set up(witch is awesome) but it needs a new solenoid witch is cheep on that
    • Stage 2 or 3 Clutch, along with re surfaced flywheel
    • Ford Racing Short/Throw Shifter
    • Power-Slot front Rotors/Oem rear
    • Hawks HPS pads
    • Tokiko Adjustable Gas Shocks
    • Steeda Sway Bar and Control arms
    • Continental DWS tires all around(245 series up-front and 275 series in the rear)
    • lowering springs and rims
    • Brand new upper and lower intake (upgraded module)
    • New Alternator
    • New Gas Filter
    • New Spark plugs and o-rings
    • New Fuel pump
    • New Belts
    • Just did half/half synthetic oil
    • Full Exhausted (Off-Road X, cant remember mufflers but nice and loud)
    • Steeda poly
    Ive owned the car for awhile and its a track and dd and ive been driving it as both but not that long but god i love this thing and she is loud and Fast!! and the pipes don't tone out the more rpms the louder it gets. And when the LOOP kicks in HOLD ON!!! haha with the huge rims on back and the tires all the way around this car doesn't go anywhere and ive tried a couple of times, just for fun and it gets depressing but the stang will burn the crap out of them tho but i try to drive as nice as i can to keep it nice.

    but i really don't want to sell it and im pulling my hand but im in my first year of college and i found out that owning one of the badest and meanest cars on campus is awesome but i need to think long term and i cant keep upping the mileage on this baby and i need a dd (Not that this isnt!!! i just cant live with my self if i keep raking the miles (60 a day), and my gf is at ku so thats even more driven and i just cant...
    the first thing i notice that the preview owner didn't say was that the intake was bad, and the only reason i found out was out at the track running and she blow up haha (aka cracked were the radiator goes in) and i just got it back from the shop...

    The Bad
    • the lowering springs are getting worn but i tightened the shocks and rides so much better, so near future project
    • Needs bumpers replace or fixed, backed into front and back but not bad i like it with the battle scares
    • Needs speakers if you care and radio got stolen(Inside Job)
    • has no e-brake bolt threw floor (Don't Ask idk) One key
    • Like i said before i just got it back from the shop today(September 17 2013) with that being said it wasn't staying running(starts runs but dies) had shop look at it and they think its fixed, but it dead once witch is better then it did bc it was dieing at stops so with that being said im going to look at it threw the week and keep cleaning i really think its the MAF.. bc it just started last week and ive done my HW and ive had the iac cleaned but might just replace it, so with that being said im not hiding anything the the pre-owner did to me.
    So ill keep you guys up dated with that little too solved problem like i said ive done my HW and i now i can fix it or the buyer can fix it, if i get busy with school Full time and work

    Always comes down to money

    Ive put alot of new parts on it witch i felt needed to be replaced because i wanted it running right and strong with everything and shop bill im at 2973.59+what i paid and then the steed parts, im not out to get the best price im looking for a good Owner bc i love this car and i need to sell soon, i don't know what to price it at... im shooting around maybe idk 7600 obo and go from there.

    i really have no clue, i paid 6000 for it with out everything i did and im not going to get everything back, so thats got to be a good start.. since my last mustang sold for 3000 with 169,xxx with the biggest dent in the passenger side(not from me)

    Im open to trades+cash, im looking to sell my car to buy a cafe racer bike and get another car..
    so if you have a nice care thats have my price throw some cash on there or whatever
    (bmw-e30, Miata, hatchback, ect, send pics thx)

    if you have cash and are serious give me a call or text im open to offers
    the best time for me is after class witch is 12 o-clock m-f
    and if you think its worth more or wtever let me now, i now im missing stuff and i try to keep updating
    Please Don't Put Bad Comments Thx
    i dont have that many pictures at the moment but working on it, getting new phone so i can soon.. thx

    So you can see the tread and how big they are and thats the damage is in the back

    Car is white with 35th with power driver and logo seats

  2. Hay guys i got the car fix, all it was, was a ground on the MAF wasn't getting connecting anymore, took it out got it up too 130 then shut it down and did it again and nothen did some victory donuts and drove home so shes ready for a new home looking for trades or cash thanks
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