Electrical 1999 svt cobra parasitic draw

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  1. Hey guys newb here. I have a 1999 svt cobra as stated above. I've been struggling with a parasitic draw for a while now. I have had the draw ever since I bought the car a few years ago. I installed a motorcraft battery earlier this year. The battery will die if sitting for 2 to 3 days without being run. I have hooked up my multimeter in series on the negative side of the battery. I have a draw of 1.156 amps. I've read anything below .050 amps is acceptable. Today I recharged the battery and then hooked my multimeter in series again and waited about an hour before removing all the fuses from the drivers side kick panel fuse box. I still have the same amount of amperage draw. next I went and disconnected each maxi fuse from the drivers side engine junction box. No change in the amperage draw. Maybe im doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated. thanks. jim
  2. Try isolating the alternator. Guessing a short or bad diode.
  3. i disconnected the alternator as well yesterday and still had the draw. i should have wrote that down yesterday.
  4. Maybe GEM module?
  5. i thought it was the gem fuse but like i said ive pulled every single fuse in the drivers side kick panel fuse box and the draw is still there