1999 V6 Exhuast

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by sai35, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. hey guys, i am hoping that i will get this answer here, for some reason i get different answers. i looked through a few of the other topics that had to deal with exhaust, but it didnt help. anyway i know that i can not get the same sound from a V6 as a V8, but what can i do to make my 1999 V6 mustang sound the best? i dont want to get too involved like headers, but what can i do thats not too expensive of a process? i added another tip, and replaced the stock exhaust with flowmaster, but it doesnt sound all that great. thanks
  2. I have a great sounding setup and get lots of complements on the sound. Personally I think its better than my cobra. Very exotic sounding. I think the headers with the cold air will make the difference. The Mac headers were pretty easy to install. See my signature for details. :nice:
  3. How much do you think the mac headers and cai for a 97 would be?
  4. Check out Rpmoutlet.com for the best prices that include shipping. They have just about everything for a v6 stang and there customer service is the best I have experienced. :nice:

  5. Thanx alot, I will check it out.