19x9" 19x10 Saleen PJ Silver Mustang wheels So Cal

Discussion in 'Wheels Tires Brakes' started by abrahams600, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. sold

  2. Still available?

    Where are you located? Sorry if that should be obvious. I'm new.:D
  3. I'm in los angeles. :D
  4. Approximately how much to ship to 19520?
  5. it's about $95
  6. Man, if those were Black, I'd jump all over them, sharp looking rims!!
  7. I would be on these like white on rice if I had the cash, these are my dream rims...
  8. pj wheels

    Do you still have the pj wheels for sale
  9. PJ wheels

    I am interested in the PJ wheels can you give me a call, Dan (408) 315-4727. Thanks.
  10. The wheels have been sold. I still have another set but they are 19x10 all around, they fit on the front with 285 tires.
  11. We run 275, we just picked up the PJ last month and were interested in getting extra hard to find parts. Do you have any thing else or could you recommend any parts we should acquire.
  12. Front chin spoiler and chrome grill trim, those parts are hard to find. I've seen a lot of bumpers for sale. Also, front wheels are hard to find. I still have 1 set of wheels but they are black chrome and 1 is pretty scratched up.

    These are the 4 19x10 silver wheels I have left.

  13. Do you still have the 19x10 PJ wheels? If so, PM how much and how much shipped to 12181 commercial addy.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.